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Most Useful Lifehack Hack Nights Spring 2018 co-hosted with ACV Auctions

Prize: Amazon Echo Dot for up to 4 teammates


RFID Wedding Invitation
We created a hardware and software system in which guests are able to check into the wedding and learn their seating arrangement with their wedding invitation. The guests will scan their wedding invitation, which is equipped with an RFID tag, on the Arduino system. The program creates the executable file that initiates our hardware to scan the ID of the RFID tag. RGB light and speaker in the Arduino signals the user once the tag is correctly scanned. Once scanned, the ID is searched and matched to the table (seat) ID in the database. The program interface displays a specific seating of the guest. Each interface matches the table theme (game characters).
Android App that lets you meet other people. Other users are displayed by their distance to you, and you can chat with them and see what events they are hosting.
People are surrounded by music, and their choice of music generally depends on their mood. We have come up with our app, Calmusic, that is going to rejuvenate your mind instantly. Our app provides a carefully selected playlist of songs that is targeted towards individuals who suffer from emotional and mental distress in life. The songs act as an aid to uplift individuals emotionally. The app is designed to be highly user-friendly, where the user can choose what songs to play, and next and previous buttons to skip through songs. In summary, Calmusic is a special Audio Player for individuals who feel down.
UB Redesigned
Redesigned UB website
StopByApp by Iman Abdul
StopBy is an application my team and I created in our Software Engineer, CSE 442 course this semester. I personally came up with the idea last summer when I found myself in a quandary where I needed to print but did not desire to travel far to do so. I decided I'd hold off on the idea until the semester and implement it then. We leveraged android studio, Firebase, and Google Maps API for our implementation. The concept of the application was to facilitate brief interactions between users where they can establish relationships, conversation, and share services and goods through our app.
Chicken - Check-In System!
Chicken is the check-in bot we built for UB ACM. It consists of a Slack bot and Flask backend. It's used to manage all check-ins for UB ACM events and will be used in the store to be built in the future!
Text Recorder
They made me do this
Calendar Generator
Calendar Generator allows you to search for and select the classes that you are enrolled in order to generates an iCalendar file (.ics) that can be used by calendar applications such as Google Calendar, or even native calendar applications on mobile devices. The generated calendar includes the weekly recurrences or each class from the day of the first class to the last class of the semester, as well as information about the instructor, course section, and location of the course.
A budget app that allows you to take a photo of a receipt, circle an amount on the receipt, and categorize it. It also allows you to track daily expenses.
Tada Productivity App
How do you keep track of what you have to do? Do you write it down on paper with dates? Do you use Trello and keep track of dates in your head? Do you use Google Calendar? How about the best of both! Check out the Tada web app. Make notes and integrate them into your calendar with ease thanks to natural language processing. See the landing page for more information on usage.
doctorate is a chrome web extension that allows users to see medical related articles on the internet and their legitimacy rating. all reviews are by doctors
ChatSE - StackExchange Chat App
An Android app for StackExchange/StackOverflow chat! Not many people know that StackExchange has a chat system. I first got introduced to hackathons and gained a lot of experience from a chat room on StackOverflow ( I took on a project my friend was not longer able to work on and made it into a functioning Android app! Built in Kotlin, the app has all the features the website has, plus more! I'll be ready to release this very soon :)
A ubiquitous, distributed operating system with single system image, making it appear to the user that all networked compute devices are one resource pool, for RISC-V. The OS will optimize certain operations for RISC-V cores (heterogeneous computing).