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Prize: Victrola Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable for up to 4 teammates


Kun Woo Cho's Website
My personal website. There are several easter eggs embedded (bottom-right link). When the project in the PROJECT section is clicked, the description of the corresponding project will pop-up as a module.
A Tree's Life
A traditional elementary school classroom consists of one teacher and 20+ students. Tracking a child's progress and identifying problems areas can be difficult with such a large teacher to student ratio. I choose to investigate Google Cloud's Speech-To-Text API as a tool to monitor children's classroom activities. Specifically, I use the system as a platform to help children learn to read. A child is presented with a page from an ebook, as they attempt to read the page, we use our Android application to grade their accuracy and look for difficulties in pronunciation. We in real time show the user their progress while reading and in post process provide a detailed analysis of how the child did. We believe the detailed reports on children's reading competency will allow teachers to make more informed decisions when creating class content.
Dad Simulator
Dad Simulator (Dadgotchi) was born from the love for Tomagatchi. Play through the simple game while taking care of your "Dad". Feed him, give him drinks, and let keep buying resources from your allowance! Make sure to keep him happy and healthy! Made at BrickHack 4
Android App that lets you meet other people. Other users are displayed by their distance to you, and you can chat with them and see what events they are hosting.
Automated Modal Reasoner
This program takes user-inputted lists of formalized sentences and tells you whether the sentences are consistent or form a valid argument in Propositional Modal Logic (S5 Axiom System). The decision procedure for modal formulas is original. (The implementation for the non-modal formulas is based on the pen-and-pencil decision procedure from Richard Jeffrey's 1990 book.) Coded in Python. This project should especially be considered for Most Polished Hack, since it takes sentences in infix notation and converts them to Polish notation (a prefix notation with letters for logical operators) for easier parsing and manipulating, before returning the result.
People are surrounded by music, and their choice of music generally depends on their mood. We have come up with our app, Calmusic, that is going to rejuvenate your mind instantly. Our app provides a carefully selected playlist of songs that is targeted towards individuals who suffer from emotional and mental distress in life. The songs act as an aid to uplift individuals emotionally. The app is designed to be highly user-friendly, where the user can choose what songs to play, and next and previous buttons to skip through songs. In summary, Calmusic is a special Audio Player for individuals who feel down.
Web application for voting/endorsing (endorse... hendoors).
Custom RISC CPU, Assembler, and Simulator
In a collaboration for CSE 443 Compilers and CSE 490 Computer Architecture, the reduced instruction set architecture Smallpond has been born, and a toolchain for the ISA has been built. It has now been implemented on the Digilent Basys 3 FPGA development board with gdb debug, and a flexible assembler and simulator framework has been written in Java which allows for quick changes to the ISA. In fact, with the redefinition of a few classes, an entirely new ISA can be created and simulated with this Java program. Features of the processor: gdb-like debug, memory mapped IO, UART connectivity, interesting special purpose registers.
ChatSE - StackExchange Chat App
An Android app for StackExchange/StackOverflow chat! Not many people know that StackExchange has a chat system. I first got introduced to hackathons and gained a lot of experience from a chat room on StackOverflow ( I took on a project my friend was not longer able to work on and made it into a functioning Android app! Built in Kotlin, the app has all the features the website has, plus more! I'll be ready to release this very soon :)